What about taking my trees and branches?
There is a free drop off for branches and trees with no tarps required located 1/2 mile south of Tea exit and I-29 on the east side of interstate or ½ mile south of Co. Hwy 106 and 471st Ave. This site is owned by Mueller Pallets (368-2440) and are open 8-5 Monday through Friday and Saturday until noon.

Any branches "INSIDE THE CART" will always be taken.
What about pickup on Holidays?
January 1, Memorial day, July 4, Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - garbage and recycling pickup is 1 day late after the holiday.
What if I have extra garbage?
If you have furniture, grills, or larger items that are more than a few extra bags please call for arrangements with our office.
How much does the landfill charge?
The landfill is now public friendly (blacktop surface-no nails), the price for a car is $9, the price for a pickup or trailer is $19. Every spring a free pass is sent with your water bill. A tarp of any sort must cover your load or an additional $25 fee will apply. Their phone number is 367-8162.
Will you take appliances?
Unfortunately we are unable to take appliances. The landfill has no extra fee for appliances, just your entrance fee if your load is tarped. Advertisements in the shopping news or Craig's List under service in Sioux Falls is another resource for removal.
What if I have hazardous waste or electronics?
All electronics (appliances with printed circuit boards that contain lead solder) as well as paint, poisons, motor oil can be brought to the Hazardous waste facility 1015 E. Chambers at no charge. These items are not permitted in the trash. For a list go to: http://www.siouxfalls.org/public-works/environmental-recycling-hazardous/hhwf. Items with motors, ie. vacuum cleaners can go in the trash.
What are my payment options?
Go green - receive your bill by e-mail-sign up with your 12 digit ID# on top of your bill or call and we can sign you up. Please note the first time to watch your junk mail and mark us as a safe sight called trashbilling
  • We also have online bill pay, auto pay, a payment drop off box at Hy-Vee 26th & Sycamore, you can mail us payment by check or money order, or call us with a credit/debit card.
  • Automatic pymts are always run between the 4th-7th of month after you get your bill (no fee)
What if I didn’t get my trash/recycling out in time?
Return trips are very costly for fuel and wages.  Extra garbage or Recycling set out the following scheduled pickup is no problem. If you feel that you cannot hold it with extra bags, boxes or can until next time please call us for arrangements. The Return fee is $25 (this fee only covers our expenses).